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Discover now our portable, user-friendly products,

providing solutions for vascular diseases, sports recovery,

and back pain relief.




Venous Insufficiency


Veinoplus V.I.

Discover our best-selling product!
VEINOPLUS® V.I. is a widely recognized innovation for the treatment of Venous Insufficiency symptoms.


The new treatment for venous insufficiency


Drug-free D.V.T. prevention


Veinoplus D.V.T.


A totally new portable mean of additional D.V.T. prophylaxis.

Veinoplus D.V.T. is used in hospital and after discharge.

Having surgery?

Arterial Disease


Veinoplus Arterial


A new solution for Peripheral Arterial Disease care.

Veinoplus Arterial increases blood inflow, at all stages of P.A.D.


Get a leg up on P.A.D.!

The best sport recovery

Veinoplus Sport


Boost your performance with Veinoplus Sport, specifically designed to accelerate recovery.

For all sports, endorsed by top athletes.


Performance and Recovery

Back pain relief




Our latest innovation!

Combining TENS and EMS components, this device aims to soothe all types of back pain.


Relieve your back pain!

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Our Technology

VEINOPLUS® stimulation is a

patented technology for the

stimulation of calf muscles.

It pushes the boundaries

of EMS for a successful

use in vascular diseases,

sport recovery and more....



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